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Nyjer™ Seed 4kg

AGRI-TEL™ Nyjer™ Seed 4KG

Product Description

Agri-Tel Grain's wild bird food is specifically designed for optimum nutrition and to attract many different types of colourful birds. Agri-Tel Grain's wild bird food provides birds with a well balanced diet and the high energy they require.

Nyjer seed is a tempting treat for all finches, plus many other small colourful songbirds. Rich in oil and protein, Nyjer seed attracts goldfinches in summer when their plumage is especially beautiful. Nyjer seed can be fed alone or mixed with other seeds.

Nyjer seed may be enjoyed from a variety of feeder types such as a platform feeder or a tube feeder with a small opening.

Nyjer seed attracts all finches, juncos, pine siskens, common redpolls, chickadees, sparrows and many other bird varieties.

Year Round Bird Feeding Tips

Birds are attracted to yards that have plenty of overhanging trees and large bushes. Some birds are drawn to evergreens, while others prefer hardwoods or hedges and shrubs. Birds will fly to cover before visiting a feeder to avoid predators.

Feeders should be placed at varying heights and locations. Birds love water, so place a birdbath in your yard. Be sure to change the water on a regular basis.

Ingredients: Nyjer seed.
Not for human consumption. May contain traces of nuts.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 23% min
Crude Fat 40% min
Crude Fiber 14% max

For best results, store product in a closed container in a cool dry area.
Use product within 90 days of purchase.
Product of Canada.