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Anstey's Brown Egg Layers - Sold as Pullets

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Impressive Production...Impressive Looking

One of the finest Brown egg layers available. Attractive feathering with a very calm disposition. A hardy bird for our climate. Pullets weigh approx. 4.5 lbs live weight. 

  • Lays large brown eggs with strong shells and excellent interior egg quality
  • Very calm disposition
  • Attractive red with white feathering

Note: All brown egg layers are beak trimmed and mareks vaccinated.

    • WATER

      • Provide 1 inch of water space per bird.

      • Provide two - 1 gal (4.5L) waters for 100 chicks.

      • Clean fresh water is of the utmost importance.

      • Have waters filled at room temperature when chicks arrive.

      • Water is a vital nutrient and makes up 60 - 70% of the chicken and is present in all cells.

      • Water regulates the birds body temperature.

      • Add Poul-Vite at 1 tsp per/gal for the first 5 days to give them a healthy start.

      • If your water is hard we also recommend that Medi-Zone be added to the water.

      • Take note of the water supply. A birds intake will double in warmer weather.

      Note: Once your pullets are laying, any change in conditions such as radical temperature changes or any move may decrease the production. Stress-Aid in the water will help with this adjustment as it does not contain any antibiotics and only vitamins and electrolytes.