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Woodpecker Nuggets 1.68 lbs (765 g)

C&S® Suet Nuggets™

Product Description

C&S has revolutionized the wild bird feeding industry once again with our new NUGGETS™ bird feeding formulations designed for suet, fruit and insect eating wild birds. Our NUGGETS™ line is packaged in resealable bags and are available in three flavors to attract more songbirds. If you are a serious birder, or even a beginner, this ready to feed wild bird food has a high energy suet base, which means both no waste and no mess!

C&S NUGGETS™ can be fed alone on a platform feeder or by using a Nugget™ Feeder (sold separately). NUGGETS™ can also be blended with 5-10 lbs. of your favorite wild bird seed mix. This mix may then be fed from tube or hopper style feeders.

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