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Chicken Charm™ Poultry Leg Bands

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Product Description

    A fun way to identify your birds!
    With Chicken Charm™ Leg Bands, you can use multiple colours to identify one bird from another. Fits Sizes 7 to 14 (one size fits most fowl) - Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Peacocks, and Game Birds.

    Package of 20 includes:
    • 5 Flowers in 5 Colours
    • 5 Hearts in 5 Colours
    • 5 Lady Bugs in 5 Colours
    • 2 Butterflies with Different Coloured Bows
    • 1 Super Bird
    • 1 Bat Bird
    • 1 All American Chicken
    • 6 Spare Zip Bands
    The 6 to 8 mm charms come pre-threaded on the 4mm wide, 6" long coloured zip bands. Easy to put on, they don't fall off. The charms can slide back and forth on the side of the leg band but they will not slide around the front or to the inside of the leg. Because the charms are metal, they can be disinfected and reused with a new band.