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Dogit® Cargo Dog Carrier

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Product Description

With Dogit Design Cargo, your pet goes where you go. Via plane, train, boat or automobile pet transportation has never been safer or more convenient.

Available Sizes:

  • Small (76725): 68 cm L x 49 cm W x 48 cm H (27in x 19.5in x 19in).
  • Medium (76730): 80 cm L x 56 cm W x 58 cm H (31.5in x 22in x 23in).
  • Large (76735): 90 cm L x 65 cm W x 65 cm H (35.5in x 26in x 26in).
  • X-Large (76740): 100 cm L x 75 cm W x 75 cm H (39.5in x 30in x 30in).
  • XX-Large (76745): 120 cm L x 83 cm W x 88 cm H (47.5in x 33in x 35in).

Key Features:

  •  Durable, thick-wall, pet-friendly construction 
  •  Smooth contoured front entrance ensures no sharp edges 
  •  Meets and exceeds airline regulations 
  •  3-in-1: use as carrier, bed, or for crate training 
  •  Complete ventilation 
  •  Reinforced vent openings 
  •  2-sided opening door 
  •  Secure locking mechanism 
  •  Waste collection gutter 
  •  4-corner attachment points 
  •  Portable accessory compartment (sold separately) 
  •  Snap-on water bowl (sold separately) 
  •  Colour: gray base with gray top.
Choosing a Carrier:
Choose a carrier based on your dog's adult size. Carrier should be high enough to allow the dog to stand up, and wide enough and long enough for adult-sized dogs to lie down and turn around.