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Eberglo 946ml Liquid Vitamin & Trace Mineral Supplement for Horses

Eberglo Horses 946ml

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Product Description

Eberglo helps strengthen the blood, enhance the gut microbiome and has a calming effect on animals that are stressed. “One reason Eberglo is so effective is that it is absorbed instantly, through the mouth and esophagus. It stimulates the desire to drink which re-hydrates sick or stressed animals, making veterinary treatments more effective.”

  • improves general well-being, has a calming effect
  • strengthens immune and digestive systems
  • improves coat and adds shine
  • reduces the discomfort of ulcers and colic
  • This is an ALL-NATURAL product approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Click here to view the current information flyer on Eberglo for Horses