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Book-Guinea Fowl, Backyard Poultry: Keeping Guinea Fowl

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Product Description

By June Rose. Gohas Publishing: April 29, 2015 - Paperback (121 Pages)

A beginner's guide to breeding and keeping guinea fowl.

The book Guinea Fowl, Backyard Poultry, is a guide that contains everything you need to know to keeping Guinea Fowl. The book covers all aspects of caring for Guinea Fowl, feeding, breeding, diseases, housing, etc; all the information you need to know to keep your Guinea Fowl happy.

The book includes information on what to look-out for when purchasing Guinea Fowl.

June Rose has written this book in a no nonsense and easy to read fashion. That cover all aspects of a Guinea Fowl's life. To caring and rearing Guinea Fowl chicks, from the time that they hatch, to full grown.