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HI-PRO FEEDS® ProForm Step Right (CR) ProFibre Crunch 18 KG Bag

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Product Description

ProFibre Crunch is a high fibre, pellet and extruded kibble complete feed blend for horses requiring special dietary needs. This feed is manufactured with minimal starch and is ideal for horses with metabolic issues.

Features and Benefits:

  • A safe feed option for horses that have metabolic disorders, Cushings disease or have foundered (< 10% NSC).
  • Provides energy in the form of digestible fibre sources including soy hulls, alfalfa and beet pulp.
  • Fortified with flax, an excellent natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Fortified with Trouw Nutrition’s Intellibond® and Optimin® trace minerals, pre and probiotics, biotin, full complement of B vitamins and SmartStep BeneFit Pak™ for superior digestibility, growth and performance in your horse.