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Marineland® Aquarium Sealant 10.3 fl oz (304 ml)

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  • Barcode: 047497310106
  • Manufacturer: Marineland
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Product Description

A 100% clear silicone rubber sealant for repairing leaky aquariums, or broken ornaments. This sealant is the same as that used by many aquarium manufacturers due to its strength, clarity, flexibility and long life.
Adheres to: Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Non-Oily Wood, Metal, Painted Surfaces, Canvas, Fiberglass, Some Plastics and Rubbers.

  • Stays Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Will not crack or shrink
  • Harmless to fish
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Marineland® Aquarium Sealant 10.3 fl oz (304 ml)


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