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Prevue Pet Products, Inc.


Prevue Pet Products Snuggle Sack™

Product Description

Prevue Pet snuggle sack has a warm, soft fleece interior to protect pets from cold drafts and attaches easily to the cage with two clips. The cozy interior provides a great place for pets to sleep, play and hide. Gives birds a place to retreat. Plastic insert in fleece bottom lets the sack keep its roomy shape.

  • Hang in cage to give birds a snug, warm hideaway
  • Stiff bottom, soft fleece interior, hanging ties
  • Hand-washable
  • Assorted colors


  • Small Snuggle Sack: 6 1/4" Long, 4 1/2 " Wide and 8" High.
  • Medium Snuggle Sack: 7 1/2" Long, 5 1/4 " Wide and 10" High.
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