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HI-PRO FEEDS® Step Right (Step 8) Hi-Fat

  • Item: Net Wt. 15KG | 33LB
  • Manufacturer: Trouw Nutrition

Product Description

A high fat, high fibre, low NSC extruded horse feed for horses with higher energy requirements or special nutrient requirements. Low sugar feed for sugar sensitivity. Infused with pure non-hydrogenated canola oil and rice bran.

  • An extruded kibble that is highly palatable and highly digestible. It contains the highest non-hydrogenated fat level in any complete horse feed available.
  • Ideal for increasing energy density in the ration during cold weather. Because it doesn’t increase body heat generated by hind gut function, it is ideal for increasing energy intake for performance horses in hot weather.
  • Fat sources used include canola oil, ground flax and rice bran and all are selected to provide a good ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids to growing horses and high performance horses.
  • A safe way to supplement energy in the form of fat, instead of NSC, for the metabolically challenged horse.
  • Fortified with organic selenium, ZinPro 4-Plex® EQ chelated trace minerals, Diamond V® Yeast Culture, and Botanical Guardin™ for superior digestibility and performance in your horse.

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HI-PRO FEEDS® Step Right (Step 8) Hi-Fat