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Enviro Fresh® Odor Out™ Skunk Eliminator

  • Item: Net Contents 32FL OZ | 950mL
  • Barcode: 777562008071
  • Manufacturer: Enviro Fresh
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Product Description

Odor Out Skunk is safe to use directly on your pet to effectively eliminate skunk odors permanently. Can also be used in washing machines, don't throw the towels out! Use it for airborne issues, and virtually anywhere else with a skunk odor.
  • Eliminates skunk odors fast
  • Odors will not return when your pet gets wet
  • Can be used in washing machines
  • Add 4 ounces to water, or to fabric dispenser
  • Unscented, no masking agents
  • Natural plant extracts
  • Made in Canada 
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