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FarmStraw, FINE Shread 3 cu ft Bag

  • Item: IS1541
  • Barcode: 067528198272
  • Manufacturer: FarmStraw
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Product Description

Dust-free FarmStraw animal bedding is created from 100% premium wheat straw, sourced throughout the Canadian prairies.

Highly absorbent 1/4" to 3/4" fine shred.

  • ABSORBENT - significantly more absorbent than raw straw and comparable to other leading bedding products.
  • BIOSECURITY - sourced from clean wheat fields and is protected from contamination before and after production in the biosecure facility.
  • ANIMAL HEALTH - reduces animal exposure to harmful dust, mold, salmonella and other pathogenic organisms, improving animal health and comfort. HealthiStraw is an effective feed additive. Calves who have FarmStraw as a part of their diet have faster growth rates, are stronger and are healthier. Milking cows experience increased milk production and higher butterfat content.
  • MORE COVERAGE - has more bedding than a standard bag of wood shavings, but at a similar price.
  • CONVENIENCE - is easy to lift, carry, and spread out.
  • COMPOSTABLE - forms a complete biological cycle that takes 100% wheat straw from grain crops and returns the used straw back to the soil as an excellent compost and organic enhancer.
  • ODOR REDUCTION - reduces barn odor by trapping ammonia gasses in the layers of straw.
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FarmStraw, FINE Shread 3 cu ft Bag


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