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Tetra® GloFish® Fluorescent Plants Multi-Pack (3PK)

  • Item: 29286-00
  • Barcode: 046798292869
  • Manufacturer: Tetra
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Product Description

GloFish® plastic plants will help brighten any aquarium! These plants fluoresce under the same lighting as GloFish fluorescent fish and have weighted bottoms to help them stay in place. Adding GloFish plants to your aquarium will not only add another pop of color for you to enjoy, but they will also provide your fish with places to hide, which helps reduce stress for your fish.

Plant Sizes:

  • Small: 5"
  • Medium: 6"
  • Large: 8"

Available Multi-Packs:

  • 29282-00: 1SM Blue, 1MD Green, 1MD Orange
  • 29286-00: 1SM Orange, 1MD Green, 1LG Blue
  • 29287-00: 1MD Yellow, 1LG Blue, 1LG Orange
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Tetra® GloFish® Fluorescent Plants Multi-Pack (3PK)

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