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Book-Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs

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By Signe Langford. Douglas & McIntyre: October 31, 2015 - Paperback (200 Pages)

Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden: with 100 Recipes

Today's renaissance of the backyard flock is driven by a growing desire for healthy organic ingredients, food security and animal welfare - and while hunger might be "the best sauce," a dash of self-sufficiency is remarkably satisfying too.

Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs is stuffed full of practical advice on keeping the garden both gorgeous and productive and hens happy and healthy. In addition to answering questions about hen housing and year-round egg production, Signe Langford covers the best breeds for backyards. And, a self-admitted "biomass addict," she explains how hens are the most enthusiastic garden helpers anyone could ever have. Give them kitchen scraps and let them visit the compost pile: they'll enrich and aerate the soil, all while eating as many bothersome bugs as they can get their beaks on. Langford also shares what plants should be scratched and what to sow to support the flock.

In the kitchen, Langford tells why coddling can be a good thing when it comes to eggs, how to salt-cure yolks for grating onto salads or potatoes and how to dash off a classic French omelette baveuse. From Egg Yolk Won Ton Soup to Vanilla Coeur a la Crème with Blueberry Compote, Langford includes dozens of simple and elegant recipes from her own kitchen, as well as from celebrated contributions like Vikram Vij, Meeru Dhalwala, Laura Calder, Ted Reader, Roger Mooking and John Higgins.

With beautiful and inspiring photographs and illustrations, Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs is sure to become a favourite among avid and aspiring backyard hen-keepers alike.


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Book-Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs


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