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Lifetime® Fish Meal & Oatmeal Recipe

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LIFETIME® Fish & Oatmeal Recipe All Life Stages dog food is a single meat protein diet providing a complete and balanced diet for your dog, from puppy to adult, using high quality ingredients with no corn, wheat, soy or by-products.

  • Single meat protein - High quality white fish and menhaden fishmeal are sources of highly digestible protein, suitable for dogs that have problems with common proteins. 
  • Digestive support - High quality fish protein, wholesome grains (oatmeal and barley), and prebiotics (mannanoligosaccharides sourced from yeast extract and fructooligosaccharides sourced from chicory root) help promote optimal digestion.
  • Skin and coat - Flaxseed, herring oil and chelated minerals (copper, iron, and zinc) that support healthy skin condition and a glossy, soft coat.
  • Own certified facility – GFSI & USDA certified, located in St Marys, Ontario, Canada.
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Lifetime® Fish Meal & Oatmeal Recipe

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