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ParaForce™ Multi-Tool Set

  • Item: 800MTS
  • Barcode: 10015896008006
  • Manufacturer: ParaForce
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Product Description

Never go without the right tool for the job. Skip the cluttered tool box or junk drawer and organize your space with this robust ParaForce multi-tool. Includes one multi-tool.

ParaForce 13-in-1 Multi-Tool:

1.Needlenose Pliers
2.Regular Pliers
3.Pliers Scissors
4.Sharp Knife
5.Bottle Opener
6.Phillips Screwdriver
7.Serrated Knife
8.Can Opener
9.Nail Cleaner
10.Nail File (double side)
11.Small Screwdriver
12.Medium Screwdriver
13.Large Screwdriver

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    ParaForce™ Multi-Tool Set


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