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Pet Organics® NO MARK!®

NO MARK! Net Contents 16 fl oz (473 ml)

Product Description

Stops Desire to Spray Urine - For Cats

A behavior modification spray to end urine marking safely and naturally.

If your cat has urine-marked on an indoor surface, use the easy to follow directions to help eliminate your cat's impulse to re-mark. Pet Organics NO MARK! works great on indoor plants and Christmas trees too!

NO MARK! is not a deterrent. However, the simulated pheromones in NO MARK! tend to help create a comforting, reassuring feeling in the cat that has a calming effect. Most cats seem to feel less anxious, more content, friendly, gentle, and thus less desirous of re-spraying. The simulated pheromones have no foul odors and will not affect any surface that water will not harm.

Contains no harsh chemicals. Safe to use on almost all fabrics. However, before using product, it is strongly recommended to test spray a small, inconspicuous area.