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PetAg® Nursing Kit

  • Item: Nursing Kit 2oz
  • Barcode: 020279998006
  • Manufacturer: PetAg
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Product Description

A nurser developed to promote the natural feeding of Esbilac®, KMR® or other liquids to animals. Bottles and nipple specially designed for small and large babies: 2 oz. for small animals and 4 oz. for larger animals. Bottle feeding allows animal to refuse formula when full. Nursing action develops facial muscles and stimulates the normal flow of saliva.

Bottle: Durable enough to stand up to repeated use. Marked with graduations to make monitoring food intake easier and to help prevent over or under feeding.

Nipples: Elongated and balloon styles for longer palates, wildlife and exotic species. Constructed of durable, flexible silicon that are readily acceptable.

Cleaning Brush: Cleaning brush sized for the bottle to make washing thorough and easy.

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PetAg® Nursing Kit

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