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Poultry Leg Bands - Numbered Bandettes 25PK

  • Item: NUMBERS #1-#25 YELLOW - SIZE 12
  • Barcode: 298352018632
  • Manufacturer: Poultry Leg Bands
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Product Description

These high quality, celluloid spring-clip numbered leg bands come in various bright colours and four available sizes. They're great for bird identification. Easy to apply, spring-like design. Light weight and fade-resistant!

Each package contains 25 consecutive numbered bands in one colour choice. Refer to the above selection criteria for availability. Ideal for small flock poultry hobbyists.

  • Size 7: 7/16" inside diameter - Feather Leg & Large Pigeons, Bantams, Pheasants, Call Ducks
  • Size 9: 9/16" inside diameter - Wild and Domestic Ducks, Large Leghorn Hens, Cochin Bantams, Silkies
  • Size 11: 11/16" inside diameter - Medium Ducks, Wyandotte Roosters, Plymouth Rock Hens
  • Size 12: 3/4" inside diameter - Larger Ducks, Jersey Giants, Orpingtons, Wild Turkeys, Peacocks
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Poultry Leg Bands - Numbered Bandettes 25PK

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