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Sloggers® Women's Waterproof Comfort Shoes

  • Item: Wom's Shoe Flower Power 6
  • Barcode: 091053505468
  • Manufacturer: Sloggers
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Product Description

We know you have a pair of those big, nasty, black, rubber boots sitting in the mud room. We get it, sometimes that's what you need around your working farm and barn. But sometimes it's great to have a pair of comfortable, slip-on, Sloggers shoes or boots for those daily chores, or a quick run to the market. They'll keep you just as dry, they have a deep-lug boot tread for great traction and of course, they'll hose off clean like any other rubber boot. But they are SO much more comfortable, and let's face it, much more attractive and fun than basic black barn boots. 

  • Includes "All Day Comfort" Insoles
  • Heavy Duty Lug Tread for Great Traction
  • Easy to Hose Off Clean
  • Durable Sole Contains up to 50% Recycled Material
  • Made in the USA
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