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Tetra® Whisper® EX Carbon Filters 4PK

  • Item: EX Medium
  • Barcode: 046798263319
  • Manufacturer: Tetra
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Product Description

Now a Carbon Filter as innovative as the Whisper® EX Filtration System it's designed to fit. Tetra Carbon Filters' layers of multi-density floss effectively trap even the smallest particulates while activated carbon rapidly eliminates odor, discoloration, impurities, and toxins. The result? Water that's clear, healthy, and polished.

These Filter Cartridges fit Whisper® EX Power Filters:

  • Medium EX - Whisper EX20
  • Large EX - Whisper EX30, EX45 & EX70
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    Tetra® Whisper® EX Carbon Filters 4PK

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