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Wildgame Innovations™ Sugar Beet CRUSH®

  • Item: Sugar Beet CRUSH® 2.27kg
  • Barcode: 855018000760
  • Manufacturer: Wildgame Innovations
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Product Description

Sugar beets are incredibly effective at attracting deer. The problem is they grow seasonally and only in certain regions, making them hard or even impossible for hunters to find. Wildgame Innovations made the impossible possible with an ultra-concentrated deer feed using real sugar beets. Say hello to the Sugar Beet Crushed attractant family.

Sugar Beet Crushed attractant feed is chock-full of fat, protein and vital nutrients to grow strong, healthy deer. And to make sure as many bucks get to it as possible, Airborne Technology™ sends 600% more scent molecules than ordinary feed grains to attract over long distances. Sugar Beet Crushed attractant will satisfy that buck's sweet tooth to bring him in from miles away.

  • Real sugar beets crushed and blended into an ultra-concentrated attractant
  • Captures one of deer’s favorite treats that can be difficult to find
  • Effective nationwide and year-round
  • Ready-to-use; no mixing required
  • Releases up to 600% more scent molecules than ordinary attractants
  • Airborne Technology™ creates long-range scent vapor trail
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